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Manistique School & Public Library

Free Online Classes for Michigan Seniors

The initiative below is an offering from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services and GetSetup-Michigan to offer Michigan’s older adults free, live interactive online classes. Just use the code MICHIGANHEALTH to have the fees waived.

For more information watch this YouTube video:

Digital literacy is a great need in the senior community and during the pandemic there are many services available but not all of our residents are comfortable or know how to use them. This initiative is a great way to help raise the skills and knowledge around technology use as well as help create social connections for many that may feel extra isolated at this time.

Some examples of what learners can take part in are below but there are tons more topics and classes available:

  • Learn How to Use Zoom to Connect With Others
  • Take Fitness Classes to Stay Healthy
  • Join a Social Hour to Talk About Your Interests
  • Getting to Know Your Device
  • Stay Independent By Learning About Apps

Use the link below to learn more and review the class offerings and registration: